Long Island Office Space Lease – Leasing Space on L.I.

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Long Island has been a growing economic power for the last 3 decades. Companies that only saw New York City as a viable option for their business years ago, now see Long Island as a strong place to rent office space.

Class “A” and “B” office space

Class “A” office buildings offer the newest offices on Long Island. These buildings usually offer newer construction, corporate location, Information desks, Exercise rooms and cafeterias. They are the top office leases that are available. They are more expensive per foot than Class “B” space in the same area. Small or start up companies with limited capital, may want to avoid this type of space initially. The rent and taxes can be rough for a small business. Larger companies will see this as the only option. A company like Merrill Lynch or Washington Mutual will normally not inhabit anything less than Class A space.

Some areas where you will find the most attractive Class A and class B office buildings:

Garden City and surrounding areas

The advantages of Garden city are that is close to the city, has good railroad access and is surrounded by other large companies. It is one of the more expensive areas on Long Island for high end building office space.


The Route 110 area in Melville has the most concentrated areas of Class A office space on Long Island. It is a very desirable location. It can be expensive, but there normally is a good amount of vacancy, so you may cut some good deals. There are Class “B” offices that are very suitable for leasing as well.


Hauppauge is further east, but it is a major area for business on Long Island. It is similar to Melville, because of it’s access to the LI expressway and with it’s one or two primary desirable streets (Motor Parkway and Veterans Memorial Highway). It has lower Class A rents than Garden City and Melville usually. There are many fine restaurants as well for business lunches.


Bohemia and it’s surrounding area is further south than Hauppuage. This area has very attractive lease options for space ranging from small to whole buildings. Bohemia has a lot of new buildings, and some are at half the price as Garden City. It is Near Islip Airport as well.

Most building owners are looking for 5 year leases, but 3 years is not hard to negotiate.

Furnished Instant Office Lease

These offices allow a small business to move right in to a staffed office. These set ups have become very popular for self employed business owners who may be working out of their house or paying too much for traditional office space. A staffed office includes utilities, phone lines, Internet more. The lease arrangements are very flexible, with some as short as 30 days month-to-month.

The Long Island office space market varies from year to year, but if you are flexible on what you want, you will find an attractive home for your business.

Good Luck!

Auto Lease, Lease Assumption, and the Car Lease Swap

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What is a car lease?

Buying and leasing are car are different. When you buy a car, you become responsible for the entire cost of the car, no matter how long you keep it or how often or far you drive it. When you obtain a new car lease, you only pay for a portion of the car-that is, the portion you “use” while you are driving it. And, unlike buying, leasing doesn’t usually require a down-payment; although you may be responsible for paying certain fees and a security deposit. There are also penalties for terminating the car lease early. But whether buying or leasing is best depends upon your individual needs and circumstance. And if you do decide to lease, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with that car for the duration of the lease term.

What is a lease assumption?

A lease assumption happens when you allow someone else to take over your lease in order to get out of your contract without incurring penalties. For instance, you’ve been driving your leased car for awhile now and want to exchange it for something different. Or perhaps you’ve found a car you’d really like to buy, but you can’t afford both car payments and lease payments. The problem is you’ve still got 12 months left to go on your lease. If you end it now, it’s going to cost you. Cue your brother, who thinks your car is quite nice and wouldn’t mind driving it himself. Since his credit is good enough, your brother can assume your lease, releasing you from your contractual obligations while avoiding any penalties. Now, you’re able to buy the car of your dreams-well, today’s dream anyway.

There are a few benefits to a lease assumption. For the one assuming the lease, there is the shorter-term commitment and lack of money-down requirements. For the one getting out of the lease, there are no penalties incurred and they are free to move on.

What is a lease swap?
A lease swap is a lease assumption that goes both ways. Someone takes over your lease while you take over theirs or someone else’s. Basically, you’re swapping one lease for another, with no need to start over with a full-term lease contract.

Why are lease swaps attractive?
Lease swaps are an attractive way to exchange cars because by swapping your lease you can 1) get out of your original lease without penalties, 2) save thousands on unnecessary lease obligations, and 3) end up with a much shorter-term lease agreement than otherwise possible. Thus, if you decide to swap a lease you have much to gain and little to lose.

For people who enjoy changing cars ever few years, or even every few months, lease swaps are the way to go. But remember, whether leasing for the first time, assuming a lease, or swapping one, once you signed on the dotted line you become responsible for the remaining lease term and amount. So, as with any contractual obligation, make sure to read the fine print before you commit.

In this article, we’ve described concepts such as a lease swap [http://www.easydriverinsu